I've worked as a producer for over ten years with WGBH and PBS. My portfolio includes cooking, lifestyle and interview shows, as well as one game show! I've produced shoots in New York, Los Angeles, and even Chennai, India. These programs, and my freelance corporate work, can be shared upon request. Below is a small sample of my work for local digital promotion.

Local Digital Promotion

Norman Mineta

Norman Mineta Reflects on 9/11

Interview with Norman Mineta on his time as Secretary of Transportation during 9/11. Producer.

The Rewind

The Rewind

Weekly web series that explores the cultural impact and history of WGBH and Public Media. Production, Direction, Cinematography.

Irish Slang with Brian O'Donovan

Irish Slang with Brian O'Donovan

WGBH Social Producer, Zack Waldman, sat down with our own Celtic expert, Brian O'Donovan, to go over some of Ireland's most interesting slang. Used to promote the premiere of Ballykissangel on WGBH streaming. Cinematography, Audio, Lighting and Editing.

Dr. Bennet Omalu

An Interview with Dr. Bennet Omalu

To promote the premiere of the BBC pathology drama Silent Witness on WGBH, I conducted an interview with Dr. Bennet Omalu. Interview and animation.

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