Rock and Shock Review

This weekend Wicked Bird was super excited to have a booth AND two hosted events at the largest Horror Convention in New England: Rock and Shock (RNS). It was a whirlwind of a weekend for us. From sitting on a panel on Friday night to packing up our booth on Sunday, we met tons of great horror fans, geeks and visionaries that made us, once again, overjoyed to be part of such an inclusive and creative community!

We started Friday with a bang, with Boss Birds Stacy and Jess sitting on a panel with Content Manager/Director of Mundane Andrea and Something Wicked subjects Izzy Lee (Legitimate) and Skip Shea (Microcinema, Ave Maria). Hosted by the always-amazing Kristy Jett from Fright Rags, the panel discussed horror in New England, the future of indie filmmaking, as well as our separate and joint projects. The audience was made up of old friends and new, and some truly fascinating questions were asked – with equally compelling answers given.

A late Friday night was followed with an early Saturday morning, and a busy Saturday day, withtons of friends and fans stopping by the booth to talk and grab some pins and posters. Lines cut through the building for certain celebrities, and screenings were packed – from Wicked Bird family friend Kyle Kuchta’s premiere of Fantasm, to our own triple threat of the Something Wicked This Way Comes trailer, Legitimate,and Ave Maria. Q&A’s once again brought up some truly fascinating questions, divergent views and well-considered opinions. I have to say, hearing the questions of our audience made me realize how intelligent and incisive this community is – and personally made me realize how hard we all have to work to make films they will truly love.

Following the screening on Saturday, Kip Weeks (The Strangers), Skip and Izzy were at the Wicked Bird booth for poster signing. Tons of folks stopped by for their signatures, cards and to talk more about Something Wicked and the future of filmmaking in New England. We hosted them late into the night, with Kip getting interviewed by Horror Happens, and Kip and Stacy making a live appearance on Outside the Cinema.

And no rundown of Saturday would be complete without mention of our intern meeting Doyle from The Misfits. RNS always has a big name performer on Saturday night and our Li’l Miss Trinidy was just lucky enough to bump into the strapping gent outside the back doors of the Palladium. He told her she was small, and then she touched his hand just to say she had. You heard it here first, folks. We treat our interns right.

Sunday was the wind-down day for RNS. We got in our last meetings and sales, and said our goodbyes as we packed up our booth.

As always, RNS was a blast. But as my first time on the other side of the table? I can’t imagine a better place to be.

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